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A Checklist to Go through Before Hiring a Wordpress Developer

Whether you have finally made your mind to migrate your site to Wordpress theme or want to develop a Wordpress website from scratch, the first thing you need to look for is to hire a Wordpress Developer. 

I know outsourcing an experienced Wordpress developer is one of the most exciting things, but soon it will be turned into blunder if you make a wrong decision. 

Wordpress indeed is one of the most powerful, flexible and easy to use website development platform. But the result of the website development all depends on the skills and technique that Wordpress developer deploys on your project.

When it comes to Wordpress website development or conversion services like PSD to Wordpress theme, HTML to Wordpress etc., everyone is excited to see the result, but don’t make your decision in a rush. Obviously, there is no lack of talented Wordpress experts in the market, ready to unleash their skills on your website development project. Still, you need to do proper research to onboard right fit for your organization. 

Here is the checklist to remember while searching for the Wordpress Developer:

Decide to Hire Full-time Offshore Developer/ Freelancer

Before assigning your website development project to any developer, make sure whether you want a fulltime developer on your project or a freelancer. If you considered hiring the company, the development pricing will be calculated either monthly or provided you with a fixed price contract.

If you are a startup and limited with a budget, then consider hiring freelancer as they are available on an hourly basis that is starting somewhere by $50/hr. 

Understand Your Business Goals- Blog Site /eCommerce

If you are not developing a site yourself, still you need clarity about what kind of website you want for your business. 

Simply get the answer to these questions before you hire Wordpress developer:

  • What are you trying to achieve through this website?
  • Whether you want to increase the sale or enrich your brand's value through the website?
  • What type of pages do you want to include and the volume of the data you need to integrate?
  • What kind of features do you want to implement in the website, including chatbots, online retail compatibilities, social media integration and so on?

It is essential to keep your focus clear as once the developer is started with the project, you need to convey them clear instructions that what you are trying to achieve through this website.  

Experience Counts 

Developing a customized, engaging, and bespoke Wordpress website for your business can be expensive. So find someone who has experienced in developing a different site in different verticals. No matter how complex and diverse your business requirement is, make sure your developer is efficient enough to handle the project with care and expertise. Also, it is better to collaborate with the Wordpress expert who has the skills to deploy unique web development concepts and put your brand first in the competition. 

Don't Forget to Check Portfolio

The developer's portfolio will reveal to you how talented and diverse they are in website designing and development. And each programmer has their portfolio with a strong online presence as it will increase the trust of the client and allow them to understand the developer's abilities and skillset. By reviewing the portfolio of the developers you can quickly get an idea whether they are a good fit for your business or not. 

Ask For Referrals

If you are still in doubt whether they are worth to hire for your Wordpress development project, then don't hesitate to ask for the referrals of the previous clients. Various organizations never forget the skilled developers, no matter whether they are in-house salaried developers or an outsourced web development company. Their feedback can allow you to make a final decision with confidence. 

Notice Attitude and Work Ethics of the Developer

Imagine you have recently shortlisted the profile of Wordpress development company with glowing reviews from the previous clients, but are they a good fit for your business?

Having skills, experience and knowledge are essential, but it is better to hire developers with the like-minded strategy with the comparable backgrounds. 

  • Check whether they follow proper W3Cs while handling Wordpress migration projects?
  • Are they committed to their services?
  • What kind of strategies, methodologies and technologies do they deploy?

If some clients' go a bit deep and check how efficiently developers work under stressful deadlines to judge their capabilities and productivity. 

Ending Note

When it comes to Wordpress website development, there are multiple ways to hire a developer. But it will only possible when you know what to check in the developer’s profile and what you want from their web development services like PSD to wordpress conversion services, HTML to wordpress, plugin developemnt etc. To help you achieve the best results, we have listed above the checklist that you need to follow while looking for the Wordpress consultants. 


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